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You Can Drive/You Can Volunteer

You Can Volunteer

Building Lifetime Memories

With a range of duties required, there is something for everyone who wants to volunteer. Timers and score keepers are stationed at the start/finish location. If you can work a stopwatch and write on a clipboard, you can do it! Cone setters get a real front row seat on the derby course. Their job is: 1) to use the provided measuring stick to place the cones the correct distance apart according to the measurement provided them over the two-way radio, and 2) replace atop the cones the balls the previous driver has knocked down. The cone setter role requires a few minutes demonstration to teach you how to do it, and involves bending down and walking. can set up your lawn chair next to the course and have a front row view of each competitor as they go by!

It is not uncommon for aspiring drivers to start their driving journey as a volunteer. Volunteering provides a chance for you to become familiar with how the events work, to see firsthand what the challenges and opportunities of participating are, and to get to know and feel comfortable with the appreciative, friendly and welcoming members of MDS.


You Can Drive

Building Lifetime Memories

MDS's events offer a wide range of levels for participation. From beginners (you, your horse, or both) to seasoned drivers, there is a division for everyone. Everyone started at some point in the Training level for beginners. This is not a place for those who want to win at all cost. All drivers are encouraged and celebrated by the other participants. These events are about having fun, being safe while you do it, and creating memories.

Drivers, much like hunter/jumper riders, walk the course before each event. The course is new for every event. Drivers need to learn and memorize the correct route through the series of numbered cones. This is a skill acquired with practise.

Most event courses are between five and eleven minutes in duration for each competitor. This means your horse will need a base level of fitness to compete.


Finally, your horse should be socialized so as to be comfortable in the setting with other horses/carriages, spectators with dogs, cars passing by, and all of the other distractions that can happen.

Before each event, all participants must pass a safety inspection. The horse, vehicle and equipment are assessed using a standardized form developed by the Club. All participants must be members of MDS and Manitoba Horse Council, and sign a liability waiver.

Two Morgans finished the marathon medium

Become a Member!

Membership in MDS is affordable and has valuable benefits. Members are eligible to participate in the low cost driving derbies MDS organizes. In addition, all developmental clinics offered by the Club are for members only, and have no cost to participate.

So...what are you waiting for?

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