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About Us

The BEST experiences are when you are learning and having fun.

Manitoba Driving Society (MDS) provides educational clinics for people who want to learn how to drive all types of equine. Additionally MDS hosts developmental clinics for members striving to improve their driving skills. The highlight for members are the fun, driving events the Club organizes. Throughout the summer members can participate in driving derbies held in both the Eastman and Westman areas of the province. The courses have diverse settings including  the water obstacle and covered bridge at Birds Hill Park, the ditch of the Grand Prix arena at Manitoba Horse Council's facility, the rolling hills of Carroll, MB, and the Fairgrounds of Westman Summer Fairs.

Our Mission:

  • To promote the positive aspects of the sport of driving horses both competitively and for pleasure.

Our Goals:

  • To be a resource for people wishing to drive all equines recreationally and competitively.

  • To create and maintain public interest in driving as a historical, traditional, wholesome activity that contributes to the economy of our province in an ecologically safe manner.

  • To cooperate with other sport and agricultural organizations for the betterment of driving.

  • To organize, and help organize competitive and recreational events for enjoyment and skill development throughout the province.

  • To act as the official voice and resource for all driving concerns in Manitoba relating to competitions employing Equine Canada Section C Rules (Combined Driving and Pleasure Driving).

  • To support individuals or groups who are working to develop or maintain driving opportunities in Canada as it relates to our goals.

  • To maintain as the primary consideration in all our activities, the welfare of horses.

  • To educate and inform on driving methods; harnessing; driving vehicle selection and maintenance; safety; humane care and treatment of equines; safe and humane training of equines; competition skills; recreational pleasure driving skills; as well as areas available for enjoyable driving experiences.

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